Planetary Nebula

NGC 6781 - Planetary Nebula in Aquila

NGC6781 is a planetary nebula in the constellation Aquila.  As with all planetary nebulae, it's the remnant of a red giant star which ejected its outer gaseous shell leaving behind a hot, dense, white-dwarf star.  It's been estimated that 95% of all stars, including our Sun, will end their lives in this way.

  The above image is a color composite consisting of individual exposures through white (minus IR), cyan, magenta and yellow filters (WCMY).  The white (luminance) component is from 88, 10-second subexposures obtained on 30 September 2000.  Cyan (42x15sec), magenta (34x15sec), and yellow (40x15sec) exposures were obtained on  28 September 2000.  The monochrome (luminance) image is shown below.  

NGC 6781 - Planetary Nebula in Aquila


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